Hi!  I'm Jessel, or you may call me Jess, like my friends do.  My interest in photography started when my parents gave me a cell phone camera as a gift.  It was a Nokia 6610i.  The image quality was horrible (compared to today's standards), but the smiles of my family and friends I captured with that camera phone taught me to appreciate the beauty of picture taking.

My style of photography is to keep it simple, but also sophisticated.  I believe capturing a smile, or a laugh in the most natural way will render timeless photographs.  Lively photos can be treasured, and celebrated for a lifetime.  That's why it shouldn't just be images on paper, or digital media files.  Looking at pictures should have you relive that precious moment time and again.

Weddings make me feel happy and excited mainly because of the people.  They show countless emotions unknowingly!  People and weddings go hand in hand, and they are my favourite to capture.  I love capturing the groom's reaction as he watches his bride walk down the aisle; the smiles and jesting of family and friends as the newly-wedded couple have their first kiss; a father cherishing his dance with his daughter right before he gives her away to her husband.  I can go on relentlessly on the many occasions I love to take pictures of, but really, my desire is for everyone to be comfortable having cameras around when I cover their event.  I actually like to be stealthy, so I can take the heartwarming candid photos.  My ultimate goal is for the couple to enjoy the experience of having their pictures taken, and to capture every moment as it unfolds on their special day.

I'm a homebody when I'm not behind the camera.  I like listening to music.  My playlist consists of mainly Adele, and Whitney.  Aside from my intense taste of singers, I love food!  Cheese pizza and beef pochero hits the spot!  I still grab my camera to shoot for fun.  My passion and love for the art takes me out of the house, and around the neighbourhood on any given day.  It gives me such an exhilarating feeling knowing that I could seize life with just a click of a button, and have a souvenir to keep forever.